Need a reboot for your New Year’s resolutions?

The Dream of a New You


We’re one month into the New Year and how many of your New Year’s resolutions have ended up on the cutting floor?

The ideal, of course, is a new you, an improved and truly empowered you in every area of your beautiful life. We dream, plot and plan to make our lives better—to make more money, live a healthier life, get slimmer and stronger, have better relationships and become the designer and co-creator of a life of freedom filled with peace and joy. The ideal is out there. It’s enticing us. It’s shimmering and beckoning to us in the future.

The problem is that what you and I are yearning for is not ‘out there’ in the future. It is very near, as close as your very soul which is earnestly inspiring you and encouraging you to live the dream now.

Empowerment coaching is specifically centered around empowering lives in every area — empowered and vibrant health, empowered and authentic relationships, and empowered entrepreneurship.

We are meant to be more, to even be great. We are meant to live an extraordinary life of purpose, balance, and fulfillment that is both rewarding and thrilling.

Many of us already have some awareness that the ideal for our lives is much more than what we have been able to accomplish. We sense deep inside that what we are truly meant for, designed for, is what I call a sacred alignment of body, mind and spirit.

It seems that even the alignment of the planets may be supporting this idea. More and more spiritual leaders, psychics and intuitives are talking and writing about something they call ‘the shift,’ which is the opportunity for a new type of human being to emerge.

We expect a new age of super awareness and focus, an age of enlightenment, the creation of a new and improved human being with acute awareness and super consciousness.

If this is our future, then how important, how critical is it that you and I do the hard work of clearing the old programming and find our way to being the Light in this world?

Esoteric and mystical teachings have always taught that the physical body is actually a sacred vessel for the soul. Body and soul, together, have been created to contain and express a spiritual essence called Light.

In our world, Light would actually be a code word, as would its opposite word, darkness. Following this explanation, we would want to become more and more light in order to dispel the terrible darkness of negativity in this world. More vessels of Light would actually bring about an increased Unity and healing to every corner of our universe.

So what happens to us? What brings about the sabotage and short circuits us from becoming this more aware and enlightened human being that the world needs so desperately now?

At the beginning of the New Year we make bold decisions to change. We are determined to improve, and what happens? Right away we run in to our old and comfortable set points—our preferences, habits and behaviors that go right on running our physical and neuro-emotional programs automatically.

Unfortunately, every year at this time, perhaps due to the holidays, the colder weather or the shorter days and longer nights, many of us, much to our dismay, find our inner sloth to be alive, well and stronger than four large lions and ten fat pigs!

We want to sleep later. We stay up way past midnight. We eat far more carbohydrates and comfort foods than is recommended in a healthy and balanced diet and most of all, we put off starting the ‘best year of our lives.’ In other words, more darkness and less Light.

And, here we are again. A new year, another new beginning, another opportunity holding more failed attempts to clean up the bad habits that rear up like monsters set out to defeat us. It’s an old story, as old as the hills, as they say. Will ‘the darkness’ win again? No doubt you are as frustrated with those failures as your friends and colleagues are with theirs.

Before another minute of this new year goes by, how about taking some quiet time to consider what you may be giving your energy to that is causing you to leak vital power and energy.

Where are your short circuits? What causes the loss of focus in your life? What area of your life needs more discipline? What’s short-circuiting your beauty, health and inner Light? You absolutely can restore your vitality, strength, and joy by correcting these short-circuits wherever you find them in your experience.

In this year, the year of ‘the shift,’ perhaps there is a new power and impetus available to help us to shine more brightly. We can look at this New Year as an opportunity to become a far better version of ourselves by repairing the leaks and short circuits in our energy fields.

We don’t have to do this alone. We can avail ourselves of the many telesummits on this topic, join a mastermind group, hire a coach, or read one of the many powerful inspirational books that are available and written on these topics. In this way we can create a ‘no fail’ plan to help us with the follow through and create the success we desire in our lives.

I invite you to join me this year in connecting and centering with your highest self. We can all participate in creating that sacred alignment of body, mind, and spirit and become the vessels of Divine Presence Light in the world.

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“Repairing these leaks leads to human consciousness expanding into divine consciousness. There is no limit if the vessel is right. If the leaks have been plugged and the cracks have been healed, then the light comes to rest in the vessel.” —The Teacher


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