Live Above and Beyond Nature: I dare you!

What kind of world are you creating for yourself?
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Something to think about when faced with a diagnosis, your 'bad genetics,' or almost any test at all that threatens to put you in a box of 'broken' or 'sick.' According to nature there are some things that are impossible, according to a higher way of seeing nothing is impossible. We now know that what you say and what you think creates your reality. Don't fall for the 'terminal illness lie.' What kind of world are you creating for yourself?

I disagree with hardening the genetics by testing and thereby confirming 'the worst case of genetics ever seen.' The observer determines the outcome of any test or diagnosis.

Remember the Quantum Physics Phenomena? Until an observer opens the box and looks, the cat is both alive and dead. In other words, when you look at the results, and interpret the results, the interpretation becomes a hardened piece of the reality and neural programming.

My point is that healing is an 'above nature issue.' Changing epigenetic signatures, or inherited dis-eases is so much more than 'science, so called,' or anything else in the concrete world. It's the energetic and creative mind that creates the miraculous removal and transformation of miasmas and genetic programming. A perfect example would be 'radical remission.’ Here’s to your complete wholeness and strength! You’ve got this!


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