An Elephant in the Room

Bringing Clarity to the Entire Healing Puzzle


Has your life been a litany of stressful events, one after another?

How many times have you ignored the emotional aspects of healing and focused only on the physical?

Emotional stress keeps the body in a constant state of sympathetic overdrive, making it very difficult to bring all the parts of you into balance.

When was the last time your health practitioner asked you about stress or the emotional events in your life?

It’s way past time to consider the very important part that stress plays in metabolic balance.

Worry, fear, and anxiety, whether over health, relationships, building a business and one’s livelihood, or even the state of world governments and international instabilities, creates a constant ‘fight or flight’ response in the nervous system.

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When we are afraid or when we worry, we need more and more minerals, especially magnesium, to keep our metabolism in balance. A person's state of mind can create instant changes in the blood gases and the subsequent acid-alkaline balance.

Stress equals shallow breathing, vasoconstriction, an elevation of calcium in the tissues, an increased magnesium burn rate, stagnation of the blood and lymph system, a decrease in digestive enzymes, and numerous other undesirable physical imbalances.

Yoga, meditation, exercise, immersion in nature, and a disciplined thought life, in contrast are additional pathways to improved health and well being that few individuals even think about. All of these practices should be considered long before a medical ‘diagnosis’ solidifies a disease in the mind.

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Knowing this, why is there so much focus on the blood levels of nutrients? Yes the blood is a transport system and disease will eventually show up in blood tests, but not until long after those imbalances have been established at the cellular level where they can first be detected in the hair tissue mineral analysis. It’s not just what is available to the cell, it’s what actually gets delivered into the cell.

Imagine the blood as a highway with lots and lots of trucks hauling supplies for the cells to use. Just because the highway is full of trucks doesn’t mean that the truck will reach its destination, or that the supplies will be delivered safely.

The blood is a very important part of the transport system, but it’s just that, a transport system. Hair analysis on the other hand is a picture of what is actually delivered and loaded into the cell. When one compares the blood tests with the tissue mineral analysis you will often see a huge difference between them.

For example, iron might be high in the blood test, but very low in the tissue. Or serum copper might be low in the blood but very high in the tissue. It’s not unusual to see a RBC magnesium that looks sufficient but the tissue level will be very low. Soft tissue calcification with a high calcium then makes the Ca/Mg ratio even worse.

When health practitioners put all their emphasis on blood levels, instead of tissue levels, it becomes a huge smoke screen, and worse it is an unfortunate deterrent to understanding the truth about mineral balance and health. Focusing on blood work leads to much confusion and does little to solve metabolic problems.

The study of tissue mineral analysis points not only to metabolic and mineral imbalances, but also illuminates the elevated levels of chronic and unrelenting stress in a person's life. A tool like the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) certainly makes it easier to help with the core causes of each individual's health issues.

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