Don’t make a bad situation unbearable

The unraveling of a messy mind
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Although bad things happen in all our lives, suffering is optional. 

When you focus on what’s wrong, on what you don’t want, you are aiming for exactly that! Yes, if you
think it’s bad, it will be bad, and it will hijack your purpose and joy in life. 

Everyone has to contend with negative thoughts. We all have doubts, worries, fears, frustrations, and you name it, that intrude without consideration or invitation on the landscape of our minds. When we are tired and lack energy, or when we have a symptom that causes concern, the problem is magnified a thousand times over! 

The first antidote to negativity is
consciousness. Consciousness creates choice.

The challenge for each day is to consciously choose your thoughts, your mindset and your emotions, and consciously create the future you desire.

Do you know how to unravel the crazy thoughts in a messy mind? 

Do you have a tendency to react to every little negative thing as if it’s never going to get better? Do you fight back? Do you stubbornly stand your ground even if you may be wrong?

My tips for unraveling a messy mind — Ways to be Miserable and Ways to Create Peace — follow below and are also available to you in my complimentary two-page PDF entitled Don’t Make a Bad Situation Unbearable. It's available here.

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Take a bad situation and make it much worse.

Brood, fixate, rehearse, regurgitate, and replicate personal wrongs and hate.

React to every little negative thing as if it’s never going to get better. 

Blow small annoyances up into mountain-size boo boos. 

Fight back. Refuse to make peace. Stubbornly stand your ground
even if you may be wrong.

Stay in reaction some more because you feel hurt. Whine, pout, and shout! 

Wear your feelings on your sleeve and refuse to forgive perceived wrongs. 

Embellish the story and add all past hurts to it.  

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Let what is given be enough. 

Stay out of his or her stuff. It’s none of your business.

Don’t take responsibility for the things that belong to others!

Don’t fix, bitch, snitch or ditch. 

Make a solid commitment to stay in the game — stay the course
come high water or deep doo doo. 

Don’t try to make your partner process
your pain. It’s your pain. 

Don’t blame or shame.

Never rain on someone else’s parade. 

Please, but don’t appease.

Build the other person up and think the best of them.


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