Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Be the Light in the Darkness

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As I’ve been following the comments on this year’s election, every time some negative comment is posted, I feel even more sadness and pain. Pain because of the anger, the hopelessness, and the hatred. For so many reasons, I can’t help feeling a foreboding shutter deep down in my bones.

But in this time of darkness, we actually need to ascend even higher. Our personal lives of beauty and joy are meant to create a much higher and more elevated energetic space. As the divine love lights that we are, we are meant to shine an even brighter light for what is at present a 'very dark world.'

We have many examples of darkness creating something beautiful and good. The caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. The pain and contractions of giving birth. And the demolishing of an old structure in order to build something new.

What if this abrupt change in the status quo is actually an opening for something new and better that we can't see right now? What if we trusted Divine Love Presence to do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves?

"This disruptive election is a wake-up call. Disruptions are tremors signaling the dawning of a new era. The stunning way this election disrupted the powers that be, the media, the political establishment, reflects the “market correction” and reality check of a country that has lost its moorings, and is in search of reconnecting with its mission."Simon Jacobson

If disruption is encouraged to the maximum because of lack of emotional control (which is sometimes even a form of mental illness), our wonderful country could fall to complete anarchy and even come under the control of more sinister elements of immoral evil.

In spite of our negative emotions, our fears and shock, we as spiritual leaders must maintain a neutral canvas for all groups and beliefs. Divine power is always at work for all people for the highest good.

I'm concerned for this country, not just because of how the election turned out, but especially because there are very negative energies that wish to take advantage of every unbalanced emotion to the complete destruction of this country.

"The role of government is to strike a balance between individual rights and the greater good of the community. Yet no political system has ever been able to perfect this balance.”Simon Jacobson

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Yes, we live in very dark and scary times, and today I wanted to reach out and say, it is time to shine even brighter!


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