The Dark Side of Awakening

When meditation, prayer, and mineral balancing come to the rescue.


What if the turmoil of our world, our relationships, or even our health issues, are really an awakening opportunity? What if something really good is on the way?

If you consider yourself a light worker, if you believe that we are in the greatest darkness ever, if you think we have sunk to a new low in America, then it's time to go high.

While the world may currently seem to be in a jumbled upside down mess politically, nationally, internationally, and even personally, this may not be the total crisis that you and I think it is. Turning things upside down and inside out presents the perfect opportunity of realigning and redesigning a more perfect balance, beauty, and harmony to discordant parts of the whole puzzle of life.

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Many of my clients come to work with me because of a crisis, a trauma, a critical illness, or unexplained energies that they are experiencing in their bodies. What they often don’t realize is this crisis is also the best opportunity to wake up out of a life of mediocrity, slumber and boredom.

Unless you are aware of what is happening, the awakening experience can be a nightmare. It’s new, it’s powerful, you’re uninitiated, and unaware, and now you’re expected to handle a ‘nuclear bomb’ of hidden, suppressed, and uncomfortable emotions that have been accumulating from decades of living under falsehood and confusion.

Awakening is a real power that needs cultivating in a mature and responsible way. This is where personhood development and personal empowerment come in. In addition to one’s emotions and mind set, mineral balancing and functional nutrition also need monitoring and balancing. There are things that are Kosher and things that are not Kosher. On the path of enlightenment and awakening, there are lots of booby traps along the way.

No one ever tells you what is normal or how to handle your awakening crisis responsibly.

Why could awakening be described as a nightmare? This type of power and spirituality needs to be handled in careful and responsible ways. Sometimes awakening can feel like the worst spiritual, emotional, mental and physical detox in the world. And sometimes what we think is only physical or emotional is the dawning of a new reality, and a much better way of life.

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But an awakening that is not supported with wisdom or handled within the context of self awareness, meditation, metabolic balance, and in a safe and supported way with guidance, can be an insane and confusing experience both personally and in society.

Awakening is not limited to religious experience. In most cases a soul awakening is an awakening outside of any structure of religious order. Awakening can include a powerful insight into what’s possible, what is ideal. An awakening can include every facet of one’s life — emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. But be warned, there is a dark side of awakening that is often not healthy or wholesome.

Awakening often includes powerful desires to change the status quo, to go against law and order, to fight the system, to rage against all that is perceived to be wrong with the world. The fight and flight of the sympathetic nervous system takes over and rational thought processes suffer. In addition there is also more wear and tear on the physical body and emotions.

Awakening also includes the more subtle energy systems of the body. For example, what happens when a person has a spontaneous Kundalini event? What will they do with a fully awakened Kundalini experience? How will they manage the energy without understanding what is happening to them? How will they support that powerful energy without proper minerals and nutrition. How will they manage the awful and powerful
fire within?

While in this age the world is awakening, unfortunately it’s often through drugs, addictions, or various excesses that are not wholesome. One sometimes even has encounters with dark spiritual energies, or spontaneous downloads of information from unproven and untested sources. When individuals search for awakening through power and control of any kind, very dark and radical energies are triggered that actually break the boundaries of balance and sanity.

When an awakening happens in any of these ‘elicit’ ways, without the support and safety of structure, it can truly be dangerous. We see this illustrated currently in various ways in society with riots, luting, mobs, flag burning and loss of civilized control. Many people are not able to handle the power of awakening energy unsupervised. Communities will need more instruction, enlightened guidance, and support to handle these kind of experiences.

“The truth is, wherever there's darkness, there's light, and wherever there's light, there's darkness. When we move beyond the polarity, we experience the darkness from within the context of the light, and the darkness is a catalyst for light. This is what the awakening, is all about. We are moving into an era where the light is continuously.” —Shifra Hendrie

If you would like to know more about the hidden structure and power of enlightenment and awakening energies, I encourage you to explore my blog and visit my Facebook group — Mineral Sanity & Health — to converse about all things body, mind, and spirit.

A very special thank you to Leonard Cohen for the
profound lyrics of Anthem.
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.


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