Emotions, Muscles, Minerals and the Mess of Life

What your body is telling you when you are not listening.
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It's way past time to consider the very important part that stress plays in metabolic balance. Worry, fear, and anxiety — whether over health, relationships, building a business and one’s livelihood, or even the state of world governments and international instabilities — creates a constant ‘fight or flight’ response in the nervous system.

Stress equals shallow breathing, vasoconstriction, an elevation of calcium in the tissues, an increased magnesium burn rate, stagnation of the blood and lymph system, a decrease in digestive enzymes, and numerous other undesirable physical imbalances.

Any stressful event or shock can cause an immediate loss of potassium and the resultant 'sinking' and faint feeling.

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Emotional stress, keeps the body in a constant state of sympathetic overdrive, making it very difficult to bring all the parts of you into balance.

Patterns of unresolved stress get lodged in the body, and emotions like fear, anger and grief affect us long after the original event that caused them.

Emotions change minerals and minerals change emotions. Your emotional life is reflected in your minerals, just like moonlight is reflected on the surface of a lake. It also works in reverse. Your mineral balance will be reflected in your emotional life, and in your ability to give love. —Dr. Paul Eck

When we are afraid or when we worry, we need more and more minerals, especially magnesium, to keep our metabolism in balance. A person's state of mind can create instant changes in the blood gases and the subsequent acid/alkaline balance.

It doesn’t make any difference what kind of stress you face in life. Negative thoughts, worries, and fears, keep the body in perpetual sympathetic overdrive with a constant loss of minerals.

Stress raises calcium, lowers potassium, raises sodium, and increases the individual’s magnesium burn rate. Most individuals really need an intensive emotional 'rehabilitation' program in order to get well and stay well.

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Our bodies are engineered to respond to stress effectively. Normally we experience heightened emotions and then return to our steady state of relaxation. When our response system is overwhelmed we remain tense and contracted. —NET Mind Body (NeuroEmotionalTechnique)

Practitioners like myself help individuals locate and release these patterns of unresolved stress in the body. Returning to our true nature, we relax and become healthier. We need to soften and reconnect with who we really are.

Resolving past trauma, psycho-genetic history, and other emotional issues will help to restore mineral balance more quickly.

In my practice as an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher, I support ‘energy leaving’ the body with mineral balancing as then the body is more peaceful. Without the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) to give me a context of each individual’s mineral levels, I could be lost forever in the maze of misdiagnosis and missed meaning.

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