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The Crisis of Kundalini Energy
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Muscle twitching, burning, cramps or spasms, shaking, trembling, limpness, rigid contraction, facial contortions. Itching, vibrating, pricking, tingling, roaring in the ears, and effervescent bubbles of bliss. Hot or cold changes in body temperature. Shooting currents of energy or heat. Zigzag or double helix of energy up the spine. Surges of prana flow in the central nervous system.

What on earth are we to make of these strange feelings in the body?

The healing crisis of ‘kundalini energy’ is something that my clients are familiar with. At it’s core, it’s also part of the healing work that must be acknowledged. Human growth and transformation is a tricky process — sometimes it’s a ‘one-minute miracle,’ and sometimes it’s a ‘hard work miracle.’

Simply speaking, “Kundalini is the transformative fire that burns through and transforms all illusions, blocks, neurosis, bad wiring, PTSD, and emotional or physical damage of various kinds. Kundalini is an amplification of metabolism so all the normal processes of oxidation, inflammation, glycation and mineral exhaustion, and its demands, are increased.

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“It is very important to grasp the distinction between “damage” (pathology and disease) and the transformative process of “metamorphosis. Certain phases of metamorphosis include cellular necrosis and catabolic breakdown, for the new cannot grow without the removal of the old. Kundalini with its amplified metabolism and nerve activity and increased oxidation, will eventually tend to down-regulate neurotransmitter and hormonal receptors, as well as rewiring the nervous system.” —Jana Dixon

“If we have adequate mineral, enzyme and antioxidant reserves, we will be able to weather the catabolic stages without complete collapse and damage due to secondary backlash. Once we intimately know the process of biological transmutation we can achieve a greater adaptation and higher-homeostasis, to achieve a higher level of resurrection.”—Biology of Kundalini

It’s important to remember that the Spiritual and non-physical energies are meant to be merged in our physical bodies, enlivening the body, even healing the body. We want this transformation to repair and transmute us all the way down to all of the mitochondria and cells of our physical body.

Originally, when humans were first created and lived in ‘The Garden,’ we had bodies of light and energy. Sickness and death did not exist. We were enlivened with the ‘Tree of Life.’ But with the ‘Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil,’ duality entered the world and we became a ‘bag of bones and flesh.’ Death and sickness entered the world. Redemption reality will eventually change all of that.

As we leave the morphic field of duality and limitation, we are slowly changing the neural pathways in our physical bodies. Sometimes we actually feel this energetically, with pressure at the crown of the head, tingling, chills, heaviness, burning, or even feeling more emotional.

Any symptom that we have in the body can be one of many things. A deficiency of the raw materials that the body needs, can and does create much dis-stress in the body, including constant and debilitating headaches. But so can the work of ‘moving energy,’ or confronting old patterns of resistance, and creating new pathways of being.

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It helps to have a knowledge of how the nervous system creates automatic responses and stuck places, and how to interrupt that programing skillfully and completely. As we learn more about the ‘earthly’ sciences, our vessels can become more open to the ‘heavenly’ energy.

Resisting change is all of these things: mental, emotional, chemical, biological, and neurological.

We resist even the change we say we want!

There is a physical membrane between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, called the Anterior Cingulate. It is responsible for retaining both positive and negative memory, or ‘pattern recognition.’

When we push the physical brain and nervous system to make new pathways we can even feel the pathways ‘cracking.’ Old patterns are ‘breaking up,’ for lack of a better terminology.

This part of the brain sometimes holds on to past trauma, fears, and resists new territory and experiences. Maybe we’re subconsciously scared that danger might return, or the Anterior Cingulate is just going crazy with pattern recognition, and won’t allow the brain to evolve to the new reality.

All parts of the brain and nervous system are involved in change. Resistance is a part of facing the new and unfamiliar.

Some individuals might refer to these energy changes that cause symptoms as kundalini energy. Stuck energy creates all kinds of very strange symptoms in the physical body. If we can ‘relax and allow,’ then the energy moves on through more easily.

I hope this does justice to a very complicated topic of body, mind, and soul.

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It is also possible to work directly and energetically with the pathways of the brain, the Prefrontal Cortex, the Amygdala, the Nucleus Accumbens (pleasure and addiction center), and the Anterior Cingulate.

In simple terms, we want to neutralize the triggers that make all of the dominoes fall down.

If we have lived a trauma, we may still have some triggers, both conscious and unconscious, and with awareness, energy and attention, we can unbundle that neural cluster.

Sometimes we don’t know what will happen, we just dive in and work with the part of the brain that is involved, like the time that I worked with Avi who had experienced a stroke on the left side of his brain. He was lethargic, having difficulty with words and sentences, but in just a few minutes he was speaking clearly again.

There is no way that knowledge of the brain and nervous system alone could have accomplished something that miraculous. Oh, how I wish everything were a ‘one minute miracle!’

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Sometimes when the mind detaches from the stress centers of the body, an energy alignment occurs. It can feel like you begin to rotate in little tiny circles, sort of with the earth’s rotation. Or when the amygdala, the fight or fight stress response of the brain, begins to relax, you can feel like you are swaying back and forth. Some people actually sway like this in prayer, kind of like a candle flickering.

The awakening of kundalini is a synergy and synthesis of body, mind and soul, which our dense culture tries strenuously to avoid.

Jana Dixon continues by saying, “We can endure anything if there is a goal and a reason. This belief in a larger purpose is the most important factor in people keeping it together under crisis. In the dissolution of the ego, bliss too is sensed as a kind of hell. Kundalini awakenings are the burning away of the pain-body and the creation of a new template. What we do with that template constitutes our spiritual attainment or not. With kundalini we get a second birth, a second chance. But without skillful means, we could very well just create another pain-body in replace of the old.”

Jana Dixon suggests: “A consistent practice of singing, toning, chanting, mantra, humming and growling will help to loosen the diaphragm—and detoxify the central nervous system. Doing these near a river or waterfall greatly amplifies the effect, and if you are having persistent trouble with breathing, you might consider buying a negative ion generator for your home. Running and other aerobic exercise will give you more lung volume and give the diaphragm mechanism more energy to relax itself with.”

Having a consistent and daily Spiritual practice makes us more of an ‘active participant’ rather than a victim of our own alchemy, and this helps to reduce any secondary stress. Having a spiritual practice helps to reduce this stress by making us more conscious, familiar, and aware, and able to adapt to the constant changing anomalies in the autonomic nervous system and frequent state changes.

I personally went through this transformation during my healing crisis over 10 years ago. I’m afraid that if we fail to understand what’s actually happening metabolically, we may not be adequately supporting our clients and patients.


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