Lighting Up the Darkness

Enter into a portal of faith that removes all fear and doubt.

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It happens every year as the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop.

The darker days seem to trigger some inner biological clock that makes me want to hibernate, to slow down a little, to sleep a little later. Even in the Arizona desert, in this Valley of the Sun, the days are shorter and cooler, and my cold nose finally forces me to take the chill off the air by turning up the thermostat.

But isn’t that the way we all live from season to season, repeating cycles of change every year that we just naturally expect and are quite comfortable with? But what if this year were truly different?

There is so much talk this year of endings and new beginnings, of portals opening and gateways leading to something better and even more.

What of this talk? Is there a reason to be aware?

What will happen to us, to this country in 2017? Are we awake now? Do we need to prepare for an even bigger wake up call in the dark? Do we even know where we are going and why?

There is evidence that human beings on this planet are ‘growing,’ even evolving beyond what we find ‘normal.’ The opportunity exists to discover more about the mind/body/spirit connection than we’ve ever known before.

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My clients and I meditate, use energy medicine techniques like EFT, and travel back in time into the matrix energy to heal old wounds. The awareness of sensation, what it means, and how to interpret it is growing, as well as a sharpness of consciousness that we may not have been as aware of before.

On the other hand, I have also noticed a dark side to this increased consciousness. More and more individuals report feeling negative thoughts, and an increase of feelings like fear, worry, or more insecurity, apathy and hopelessness.

If that’s some of what you have been feeling, that’s actually very exciting. It means that the energy of negativity wants you to know it’s there. It wants you to feel it and then allow it to leave. Let it go.

It’s time to breathe and relax into the energy of the growth and change that is being born. It’s time to trust.

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What we are feeling is like labor pains or contractions in order to push out the old programming and wiring and prepare you and I for a new way of living that’s a co-creative partnership with Spirit, with God, with The Divine. Giving birth to a new way of being, a new world, isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it 100 percent.

What we desperately need now is to enter into a portal of faith that removes all fear and doubt. Faith that we can absolutely trust in this Benevolent Power. Faith that we are moving toward something so much better than we could ever have imagined. Faith that the darkness will last only a little while.

Rejoice! You and I are becoming the luminaries of light that the world needs now.


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