Limiting Beliefs. Manifesting Beliefs.

Just two sides of the coin? Or creative dilemma?
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I know you’re busy. I know you’re rushed. The holidays are hitting you smack in the face.

And truthfully, keeping you busy is what the old matrix depends upon. Then, one day the old matrix becomes intolerable. The craziness of it all shows up on the screen of your consciousness and it just blows you away!

But what if you knew, really knew, that you could have anything, anything, you desire in life?

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What if, instead of being victim, you could actually become the powerful creator of something new and different?

Suppose over time, disappointment after disappointment and supposed failure, you find your self-talk going something like this: “Nothing that I ever do works. I’ll try it for a while more, but then I’m done.”

What do you suppose you’re creating from those raw words and painful emotions? We literally create what we speak!

You’ve been saying these things to yourself for so long that you don’t even hear them anymore! You’ve become completely unconscious to the words, sayings, mantras, and thoughts that you are perpetually thinking, and from those unconscious thoughts you are creating the mess of your life, the reality, and the matrix that you are living in.

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If you really knew the power of your thoughts, your words, and your intentions, you would most likely be alarmed!

If we could just wake up and see. If we could make the connection between words, beliefs, and intention. If we could truly see and connect the dots, we would all be shocked.

What if you could intentionally create new thoughts, choose positive words, create new neural pathways, and from that new data, create health, well-being, wealth, and the life you’ve always wanted?

Your health, wealth, and happiness depend on consciously choosing a totally new pattern of speech and self-talk.

Go for it! You’ve got this!


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