Bring On the Magic

In this season of darkness, may we see the greatest Light!


We are not just physical beings! We are made of star dust, energy, and magic!

We may have our feet on mother earth, but our hearts are in the heavenly realms beating to the tune of angelic songs.

We dream of flying, even soaring to the mountain tops. Our longings are not confined to terra firma.

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We have the power to conjure, weave spells, co-create and change our world. When will we? When will we claim our rightful place of power and care for this world in a responsible way?

The whole world is magical and mystical. Children are born with a pocketful of magic! Everything in the experience of a child is wonderful and magical.

Perhaps you remember some of your own experiences as a child? Gazing at a butterfly, a ladybug, a snowflake? Listening to a meadowlark? Lying in the grass on a summer afternoon?

Maybe you even remember finding a magic rock or crystal that you dreamed had magical powers? I smile now at the memory because I certainly loved my magic rocks!

Imagination is the soul food of both children and astronauts! We can fly to the moon, can’t we? And if we can fly to the moon, we can build automobiles that do not use fossil fuels. We can clean up the environment. We can cure cancer and other horrible diseases. We can even build a world of peace.

With the magical powers that come from the Divine Power, we are challenged to do our part to create a world where everyone is safe, secure and content.

Unfortunately while the mind of reason rules the masses, we seem to have lost the powerful magic that would help us co-create a better world.

What is your part in the puzzle? What is your special magic?

A deeper understanding of reality demands that we use our co-creative abilities to dream bigger, to realize that we are not just passive victims of chaos and violence.

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What happens if we have lost our magic? If we have forgotten who we are and where we come from? When we have forgotten our power and our magic, we forget to dream of peace and safety.

This is why in this season of miracles I invoke all of the magic, miracles, mystical connections, prayers, intentions, and permutations of the Divine letters and their meaning, and ask that this intention connect us to the surrounding Light and the Light that fills all creation. May these intentions bring us the World of Peace, wise leaders, and the Holy Temple of meeting now in our days.

Where did the magic go?

Curious? Ready to recapture — or find/discover/make friends with — your own special magic? Call me or
click here to email me and let's talk magic for your new year. Together, we'll awaken your magic and co-creative abilities.

Blessings, magic and miracles, mystical connections, prayers, intentions, and permutations of the Divine letters and their meaning,

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