The Body Electric: Are you super-conductive?

Are you super-conductive?
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We live in an information age. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF) are everywhere. Your home is full of them. You can’t drive down the road without driving through them. Your car is wired and adapted for wifi, internet, email, and podcasts. Your favorite programs are playing 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

Are these frequencies harmful in some way?

Since there is no stopping the flow of information-filled energy waves, what’s the best way to support a neurological adaptation?

There is no argument that we are constantly bombarded and saturated by countless microwave towers carrying millions of mega bytes and terra bytes of information that threaten to overload the wiring of our nervous systems.

The interesting fact is that some people seem more sensitive, but others still thrive. And in spite of this incredible electromagnetic storm, not every person is suffering from electromagnetic sensitivities. But why?

I don’t know which comes first? The electromagnetic frequencies? Radio frequencies? Or low minerals? What I do know is that
treating low mineral levels helps almost every super-conductive individual when you can also ‘un-bundle’ the rest of the disease model with all its triggers and fear.

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When we have ‘symptoms,’ these sensations in the body are not always interpreted correctly by us. Sensations and symptoms are really uncomfortable and they take on even greater power when we name them.

Until we name them, ‘I'm just feeling this pressure in my head, I feel a tingling in my feet,’ and from there, ‘I’m trying to understand it,’ to ‘find out what's wrong.’ But,
here is a very powerful secret. It helps to think of ‘symptoms’ as just ‘energy that wants to leave.’ It’s not ‘good or bad,’ unless you label it good or bad!

We need to remember that energy is energy and energy needs to keep flowing. When we label it as ‘bad,’ and we make it a ‘symptom,’ or a problem, and something to be ‘solved,’ the energy stays trapped in the body and it increases the discomfort. Then, we tense up and we worry, and worry some more. That is when things really get intense!

This ‘healing thing’ is a
cluster of negative thoughts, worry, fear, and limiting beliefs. To return to balance and wholeness, we need to un-bundle everything that gets in the way and keeps the syndrome together.

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The real issue with electromagnetic frequencies seems to be the low intracellular minerals of potassium and magnesium which pull calcium into the cells. The soft tissue calcium in the cell is what makes the person hyper-conductive. In addition to calcium, there are other super conductive minerals such as 1) Silver, 2) Copper, 3) Gold, 4) Aluminum, 5) Beryllium and 6) Magnesium.

From my experience, every single individual who is sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies is also ‘hyper-conductive’ with severe mineral imbalances, and especially high soft tissue calcification.

When it comes to the prevalence of the elements, calcium/copper toxicity is certainly leading the field. There are also people pretty high in aluminum with strong EMF sensitivity. Tissue acidity and dehydration enhances the problem dramatically, so does the degree of adrenal exhaustion.

With low sodium (NA) and potassium (K), this person will also be unusually dehydrated at the cellular level which makes them super-conductive with a major calcium influx into the cells. Next, the electricity follows the calcium. This individual will be non-excretory and unable to get rid of their toxic waste.

You can expect this person to be in an inflammatory state with low Na/K and also suffer from copper lock up, meaning copper is imprisoned in the cells and cannot be utilized. Copper is not circulating, but it is conductive. An extremely low thyroid function may also be present, with magnesium levels in a four lows pattern.

In my practice as an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher, I support ‘energy leaving’ the body with mineral balancing as then the body is more peaceful. Without the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) to give me a context of each individual’s mineral levels, I could be lost forever in the maze of misdiagnosis and missed meaning.

You can review my
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis package here or email me today to schedule an empowered health phone overview with me and get your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in motion.


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