Is Healing Simple?

My Healing Story


Author’s Note: As an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher, I am often “the coach of the last resort” with referrals from holistic doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and therapists. Assisting others on their own personal and unique healing journeys is my special purpose, my life’s work.

I wouldn’t trade my terrible healing journey for anything!

Because of my personal experience, I am better equipped to understand when my clients are going through their health struggles, and I also have a much bigger picture in mind when it comes to seeing the entire system that we call health, disease, and the body.

The physical body works very efficiently when supported with real food, minerals, and rest. But add stress, the unusual and unrelenting stress of today's world, and the burn rate of magnesium and other minerals goes through the roof! The bottom line is that STRESS is most often the real enemy!

When I started breaking out in a rash every night and running a fever, it wasn't simple for me! My health challenge lasted for seven horrible years!
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I'm trained in nutrition and metabolic counseling and I couldn’t figure out what to do to heal myself! Many of my friends are naturopaths, chiropractors, and homeopaths and they couldn't figure it out either!

We tested, and tested again. I had Electrodermal testing, Applied Kinesiology testing, lab work for adrenals and thyroid. I went on T3 protocol and adrenal support, daily B vitamin injections, and on and on it went!

Next, it was every specialist in the book. I jumped through hoops at Mayo Clinic and none of the white coats had an answer! Not the rheumatologist, not the endocrinologists, not the pulmonologist. Nor the CDC and various other odd or special illnesses.

No one had answers for my nightly rash that resembled welts on my buttocks, legs, and arms and my nightly fever of 103 -105 every single night for seven years.

I tried castor oil packs, liver flushes, colon cleanses, a gluten free diet, and numerous other approaches that didn't change a thing. I subjected myself to 'Hot treatments,' Meyer's cocktails, Vitamin C IVs, Glutathione IVs, Hydrogen Peroxide IVs, all to no avail!

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During my healing journey, I commuted from my home in Arizona to my office in Minnesota to work with clients two weeks of every month.

If just reading this healing journey discourages you, I don't blame you!

I was sad. I was mad. I was not glad at the prospects of healing something that I didn't understand. Even though I had been the patient educator in our chiropractic office for over a decade and I knew what to look for, I couldn’t figure out what to do to heal myself.

Then, one day when my regular IV doctor was on vacation, I visited another physician who specialized in wholistic health. My doctor had just brought a couple over from Sri Lanka who practiced healing in very unique ways with acupuncture, diet, sound and light therapy, and their own, unique potentized homeopathic remedies.

The Sri Lankan couple promised that they could help me and then warned me that I would get much worse before I got better! “Oh great,” I thought, “how much worse can it get?”

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Well, let me tell you about worse. Inflammation, fevers, night sweats. Pain in every part of my body. Weakness — I couldn’t get up off the toilet by myself — and I needed help to get dressed. Mercifully, I don’t need to remember much more for you to get the point.

Both physicians explained that the last thing one wants to do is is to push the disease back into the body. Part of ‘getting worse before you get better’ is not interfering with the illness by pushing it back into the body with treatments that suppress it.

I stared incredulously at Master Wright and Kumari as they told me to stop — absolutely stop — all the supplements that I was taking!! Stop taking all of the remedies? Stop taking all of the supplements? The words I was hearing just went against everything that I had ever learned about nutrition! Stop taking Vitamin D. Stop the herbs and the aroma therapy. Stop the Vitamin C. Stop the adrenal support, the hydro cortisol shots, the IVs, the castor oil packs. Stop everything.

So, what healed me? Why did I heal? The major focus of therapy was acupuncture, plus sound and light therapy three times a week, and coconut water! Yes, I said coconut water! Master Wright and Kumari pushed six to eight 12 oz. cans of coconut water at me every day. Well, actually it was Bill, my husband, who brought glasses of coconut water to me hourly and kept reminding me to drink up!

From this side now, healthy and strong, I understand that the mineral base in the coconut water was a major factor in my healing. Acupuncture worked miracles on my stressed out nervous system and past emotional trauma. And the homeopathic remedy that Master Wright made from my blood, saliva, and urine, treated the other miasma of disease, including mold toxicity and other viruses.

It took three long, painful months, and somedays I thought I might just die, but today I am healthier than I ever was, with a stronger constitution and better resistance to stress.

There wasn’t just one thing that healed me, or just one answer to the equation. As I’ve written time and time again, health is one BIG jigsaw puzzle that includes —just to name a few — emotional history, psychological history, gut health, history of immunology and injury from harmful vaccinations.

More on stress and wellness is available here:


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