A Future that Should Scare Us into Action

Today’s generation is the generation that we saw on the horizon.


Forty plus years ago, today’s generation is the generation that we saw on the horizon. We talked of a time in the future when the young people would suffer with the diseases of old age.

We saw this coming!
Why? We saw the depletion of minerals from the soil. We saw the loss of minerals in food that were already occurring, along with all the herbicides and pesticides. And when you add to that the glyphosates that chelate whatever minerals were left in the diet, you have a recipe for long-term disaster.

And now, unfortunately, we are here.
Young individuals with compromised immune systems, chronic fatigue, migraines and hormone imbalances have little resilience to life’s pressures. They are the young people with four lows in their mineral analysis, sky-high copper from IUDs, birth control pills, and estrogen dominance. Unfortunately, these are the young people who crash from the stresses of life, through no fault of their own, and need support from family and friends.

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Sadly, we are also seeing the feminization of men with the dreaded estrogen dominance and high copper in their tissue mineral reports.

Add to the high copper a low Zinc, low HCL, poor digestion, high fat percentage, low muscle mass, poor motivation, loss of mental clarity, a weak will, and exhaustion. If this does not describe you, then you are one of the lucky ones!

There is also a herculean effort to explain away these dis-eases of old age in the younger generation by ‘naming’ and ‘discovering’ disease after disease. As if naming it, diagnosing it, is some kind of magic that will lead to a ‘cure.’

Nothing could be further from the truth.
In this case, assigning a metabolic imbalance with a ‘name’ does nothing to clarify the true nature of the body’s deficiencies.

Labeling a metabolic imbalance with fancy names such as low-methylation, H’Pylori, Epstein Bar, Bi-Polar, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, or Adrenal exhaustion, is certainly impressive but it does nothing to make people well.

Every ‘chronic’ disease name is just another way to go down the rabbit hole of diagnosis without asking the real question:
WHY is this happening?

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that no generation of young people has ever been as challenged with health, wellness, and life issues as they are today. The bottom line is that this epidemic is not only affecting their mineral balance, it’s also contributing to the emotional imbalances and well-being of this entire generation.

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On top of our mineral crisis, this generation is faced with many unresolved traumas, including stored negative emotions at the cellular level, unrelenting inner and outer conflicts, complicated relationship issues, and the psycho-genetic programming of family history and limiting beliefs — and all of this continues to create the stress response that keeps the mineral profile out of balance.

In order for joy and peace to become the norm, physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage must be brought into consciousness and resolved. In a very precise order, everything —mind, body, and spirit — requires a retuning and rebalancing, so that the body and mind can reach it’s potential and enjoy peace and homeostasis.

Beware, body imbalance is only the ‘basement’ level of consciousness. When imbalances occur, they are truly the alarm system that is begging us to go much deeper into the authentic and real emotional and spiritual body.

I’ll tell you a secret.
The spirit-soul provides an even more powerful energy than metabolism when skillfully connected and aligned with the body's energy system.

Would you like to discover how to create authentic emotional and physical health? Take action now to become more confident, energized and successful in your life, as well as in your career.

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Emotional release clears the way to finally balance your mineral profile.

Your physical body will thank you.

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