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What happens when we miss the big picture? When we don't have a context for understanding how a system works? Or how the pieces fit together?

When our orientation is confused we miss the obvious. We miss the solutions!

Have you ever been confronted with a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle? So many pieces! It takes a while to figure out the general theme, the overall relationship of one piece of the puzzle to another.

What really helps you solve the puzzle is the big picture on the cover of the box. Without it, you would be lost. It helps to study the entire picture and then sort the pieces by color or shape until you finally manage to put it all together.

There are a lot of puzzles in this world, and the health puzzle is like this, too.

“When an individual is confronted by many details and does not know how they relate to one another or their true place in a general system, then his inquisitive intellect is given nothing more than a difficult and unsatisfying struggle. Not having access to the concept as a whole, he will remain frustrated. When one knows a number of things, and understands how they are categorized and systematically interrelated, then he has a great advantage over someone who has the same knowledge without such distinction. When one studies a subject, he must therefore be aware of the place of each element within the most general scheme.”Chaim Luzzato

I find it interesting that in this age of information we are still unable, most times, to grasp the real truth about almost everything. So often we miss the mark when it comes to critical illnesses like cancer and other metabolic diseases because we lack the context for interpreting what the patient actually needs, or what deficiency exists. The whole person is rarely considered — a person who is also soul, spirit, mind, and body. A concept is just not true when taken out of context. There is no way to put it all together unless you have the big picture, the entire context, in your mind first.

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I have been actively involved with metabolic balance, HTMA and other healing modalities since the early 70s. There is nothing more powerful for healing the body than understanding healing through the context of balancing intra-cellular mineral levels. Regardless of some diagnosis, balancing minerals can get you back to health and vitality.

Body wisdom is designed to do everything it can to bring the body back into homeostasis. In my lifetime, I have been well, sick, and well again. Nothing does more for energy and healing than balancing minerals. Minerals are the ‘spark plugs’ of life. They provide the body with energy for life and for healing.

I am amazed at the emphasis that individuals and intelligent physicians put on 'medical diagnosis' like gene mutations, methylation, genetic deficiencies and the like. Personally, as long as I chased after a diagnosis, I did not discover my own healing. A diagnosis is not the whole picture. A diagnosis is merely a small piece of the puzzle, out of context. True healing for me began as soon as I fired the four ‘white coats’ at Mayo Clinic and allowed my own body wisdom to return to homeostasis and balance.

What if it's actually true, that when we believe the powerful words and the scary diagnosis of doctors, the medical matrix model continues to dictate our poor health and loss of wellbeing? All the while we are subconsciously submitting to the 'diagnosis' labels and limitations of a model of sickness dictated by allopathic medicine.

In other words, a diagnosis may convince your body to stay sick.

There IS a blueprint, an actual map of health and wellness that we can attain to, regardless of the perception and diagnosis of the white coats. While some individuals have acquired an imprint for poor health, most can heal once they find a conscious way to overcome the belief, labeling, and diagnosis of their doctors.

Higher Intelligence teaches us that there is an innate wisdom of the body that knows how to maintain homeostasis. This means that given the correct minerals and building materials, innate wisdom knows how to heal the body and bring it back into balance.

There is an Aramaic word — abracadabra — that means 'I create what I speak.' So when I speak health to my genes, the power of my mind over matter makes a difference in my quality of life. In doing this, be very careful of your word choices because all the cells in your body — all 37.2 trillion cells — are listening to every word, both positive and negative.

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Of course, there are good doctors. There are physicians who are well meaning and really care about healing people. This isn't about good and bad, or you're right and I'm wrong. At its core, this is about true and false. A blind person can argue all he wants that the elephant is a rope, but that still doesn't make it true.

The person who cannot see does not have a context from which to understand what the truth about the elephant really is. The same is true of a person who lives in Flatland who has no idea what a three, four, or even a fifth dimensional reality is. He doesn't have a context for what is literally true. As the sages say about our times, "truth has stumbled in the streets."

The allopathic physicians, the naturopathic physicians, and even the Aboriginal healers, are still lacking context from which to bring people to complete healing and vigorous health. This isn't about blame. This is about truth. We live in a world of falsehood and we will be shocked when all of the lights in the theater are turned on. That is when truth will be obvious to everyone.

Healing is a great big jigsaw puzzle with many confusing shapes, colors, and dimensions. We need to be able to see the whole picture in order for healing to occur.

Some of the pieces involve trauma, emotional stress, mineral balance and so much more! In order to search for the truth, we have to be willing to not know what we don't know, and not know what we think we know.

There is a truth that is well beyond the conscious mind and it cannot be taught unless you already know it. This truth is the context for everything that is pure, good, and life affirming. It is the real truth about everything!

A truthful physician, business coach, or successful entrepreneur is willing to ask, “What am I not seeing? Is there more? What else is possible?” He or she will ask for Higher guidance with words similar to “Show me something that I have never seen before, with a sense I’ve never felt before.” A truthful healer is open to being corrected and guided into Higher knowledge.

The problem is that true and false have been so mixed together that we can no longer tell what is true from what is false. It’s like sugar and salt have been poured together in the cup. Who is wise enough to separate the salt from the sugar?

We must take responsibility for our own health and search out the reasons, the context, the big picture and Divine design of physical, mental, and emotional wholeness and healing.

In my experience doctors do not heal you. Medications are not the answer. Therapies will not heal you. Medicines and therapies may solve some of the problem, but the right minerals in the right amount, can provide the building blocks to bring the body back into balance so that it can do the job of healing itself. 

So many of us have gone from physician to physician looking for answers, looking for what’s wrong, looking for a diagnosis. What if we look for what’s right, the big picture, and go from there first? Might we find the way back to health and happiness? A simple mineral analysis can be the biggest help to see the big picture.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (Hair TMA) is a true guide to healing and wholeness. The mineral analysis shows ratios, deficiencies and solutions, and is a wonderful blueprint and direction for health and wholeness.

More information on hair tissue mineral analysis and related subjects is available here: http://www.rachellneumann.com/index_files/category-htma.html


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